Henley Residents Group was originally established as an independent body, who acted purely for the best interests of Henley.

Our councillors have years of experience, and as we are all based in Henley, we are constantly aware of the issues that are important to Henley’s residents.

We act without influence from national party politics or other non-Henley organisations.

Honestly and transparently
We abide by all well-established norms of behaviour in our dealing both with people and with money. Our decisions are open to public examination and criticism.

Responsibility: Precautionary Principle
We always remember that developments have irreversible effects on the environment, on people and the economy, and that we have a responsibility to hand on an improved inheritance to our descendants. This means attempting to think through the likely consequences of actions that we take in order to avoid foreseeable adverse consequences.

The Town Council does not do everything but can capture the energies of the town at large to carry out a wide range of activities that will enhance the community – as with the Henley Partnership.

All of our dealings should be equitable or, at worst, should not disadvantage one group or person for the benefit of another group or person. We will not benefit one part of the community at the expense of another.