Henley Residents Group is based on a set of beliefs that are at the centre of what makes Henley special – our environment, our community, and our economy.

All members of the Henley Residents Group Executive Committee, including our councillors, recognise these beliefs as integral to life in Henley, and are proud to support and promote them.


A visually attractive urban landscape
Pleasant rural surroundings
A rich heritage


The right size – a town with a village culture
A shared pride in Henley’s international stature
A common sense of tradition
A diverse and dynamic environment – entrepreneurial and successful
A friendly atmosphere which welcomes newcomers
Huge numbers and variety of community groups
Thriving sporting clubs; excellent recreation and leisure facilities
A balance and respect of young and old


A mixed economy with commercial organisations of all sizes working in partnership with the community
Aiming for economic self-sufficiency within the Town, providing opportunities for all
Promoting affordable housing for Henley families
Managing Henley’s public assets efficiently and effectively