Sarah Miller (South Ward)

Sarah has lived in and around Henley for all of her life. Her children attend a local primary school and her brother runs one of Henley’s busiest pubs. Sarah is committed to ensuring that Henley remains a safe and vibrant place for everybody.

Sarah has spent her career working in entertainment, PR, publishing and events.

Straight from college Sarah worked for her father in the PR department of a local technical advertising agency. Sarah then moved to London and spent 3 years working in a PR agency in Fleet Street.

During this time Sarah decided she wanted to get into the music business and with a friend who sang professionally, they set up Voices Ltd in the mid 90’s. Based in Bell Street Sarah worked with local musicians and bands bookings and gigs.

Sarah then moved into publishing and events management. She has spent over 20 years working in the publishing industry for a major Henley-based (and London) multi-media publishing house. During this time she worked on the very successful Admap magazine; managing the Advertising Sales Team followed by over 10+ years producing, marketing and managing Advertising, Marketing and Research conferences in the UK and abroad.

Sarah now works for the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA), producing CPD events for their members in the South and South East.

Sarah launched the Henley Design Day in 2013, a new annual event in the RIBA calendar. Its aim is to provide a forum for local Henley architects and designers to meet directly with large numbers of local visitors and obtain business. March 2015 saw record visitors.

Sarah has lived in Henley all of her life, she lives with her partner and has two 4 year old twin girls that keep her on her toes. Her wish to write a top ten song is still top of her agenda and to help her accomplish this Sarah has recently taken up piano lessons.

“I am proud to be an HRG election candidate, committed to preserving Henley’s architecture as well as the wonderful greenbelt around it.” Henley is a beautiful town. Let’s keep it that way.