Donna Crook

Donna Crook (North Ward)

Lived in Henley for over 25 years. Mother of three grown-up children. Runs a crafts business locally. Town Councillor for just under 2 years.

I have been part of the working group to improve our bus service and would like to see more people using the service. As part of Henley in Transition, I have a keen interest in our environment and our future, which is why you may have seen me around promoting the ‘No Idling’ campaign with Clean Air for Henley.

Since being elected, I have served on Henley Town Council’s planning committee and also on the Neighbourhood Plan committee. I enjoy being part of the recreation and amenities committee because of my love for our outside spaces. I get annoyed by the mistreatment of our beautiful greenery and tackling these problems is something I have been and will continue to be involved in.

I am also part of the Friends of Freemans Meadows and have helped with the improvements seen on the Meadow.

My aims as Councillor are:

  • Get out in the community, working for the town.
  • Continue providing and upgrading first-class recreational facilities.
  • Encourage more people to use our Ecobus.
  • Protect our town with regard to planning.