Donna Crook

Donna Crook (North Ward)

Town Council Service 2018 – present

Committees & current positions held

  • Planning, Recreation & Amenities (Chair)
  • Putting Green Working Group (Vice Chair)
  • Climate Emergency Working Group (Vice Chair)

Previous positions held

Vice Chair – R&A, Henley in Bloom, Open Spaces


Donna has lived in Henley since 1994, has three grown-up children and runs her own local craft business.

Donna became more involved in the Henley community when she campaigned to save our local bus service. Now we have a regular service, Donna has turned her efforts to many other local campaigns including the Community Land Trust and conservation projects.

As a passionate member of the Climate Emergency Working Group, Donna is a big supporter of improving our air quality and has supported initiatives such as the No Idling campaign. She particularly loves being part of the R&A committee because of her love for our outside spaces in Henley and became chair of the committee in June 2021.

Ask Donna

What are your priorities as a councillor?

My priorities are; to get out in the community & work for the town, t encourage local event organisers to move away from loud fireworks that cause distress to animals & vulnerable people and to make sure we provide and upgrade our first-class recreational facilities.

What do you enjoy most about our outside spaces in Henley?

What I like best about our green spaces is that they are always looking lovely. They are really well-maintained by our fantastic parks department.

Why should people join HRG?

I Joined HRG because it felt like family and we all listen to each other. It’s good to be able to support each other and we all care about what’s best for Henley.