The HRG local councillors have a wide variety of ages, interests, and experience, and are actively involved in a wide range of committees and societies, each one dedicated to the continual improvement of life in Henley.

This wide focus means that we work well as a team with the concerns of Henley at our core.


There are eight HRG Town Councillors, covering both north and south wards – to know more about each councillor, including their contact details, click on their names :

North Ward:

Ken Arlett

David Eggleton

Ian Reissmann (Council Leader)


South Ward:

Stefan Gawrysiak

Kellie Hinton (Mayor)

Glen Lambert

Sarah Miller (HRG Chair)

Jane Smewing (HRG Secretary)

Our councillors are our public face, but we also have an extensive behind-the-scenes team who are all dedicated to getting the best for Henley.

There are many who help contribute to keeping Henley at it’s best, and here we’d like to introduce you to a few of the key players.

And remember, we need people like you to join us – if you care about keeping Henley special and improving it for future generations please get in touch – there are lots of ways you can help.

In addition to the councillors, there are ordinary members of HRG that participate in HRG’s executive committee. To know more about each of  them, click on their names :

Gill Dodds (HRG President)

David Feary (Treasurer)

Dick Fletcher

Tony Hoskins