Affordable Housing – The Truth

Affordable housing in Henley on Thames

The Town needs homes that young people and families can afford. Especially those who want to work in the Town and do not have very high incomes or inherited capital.

What is the root of the problem?

The price of homes in Henley is hugely inflated by the demand to live here and by the shortage and hence the cost of land. For new builds in the town to be within in the reach of first-time buyers, the value of all property must first fall. Even if this could be engineered, it would be highly contentious.

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Report on Mill Meadows and Marsh Meadows

Marsh Meadows - Henley on Thames

At the Recreation and Amenities meeting of Henley Town Council on Tuesday 29th May 2018 Councillors considered a detailed report on recurring problems on the meadows – written by HRG Cllrs Hinton and Miller and Town Hall staff. The report had been some months in preparation:

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By-Election Result – January 2018

Henley Residents Group at Henley Town Hall

Last Thursday, 18th January 2018, there was a by-election in Henley North ward and the results were:

  • Donna Crook (Con)   577 votes
  • Paula Isaac (HRG)    484 votes
  • Jackie Walker (Lab)   131 votes

Henley’s two wards, North and South, are divided by Greys Road. The Town Hall being in Henley North.

If you live in the South Ward, you might have had little awareness of the by-election, if you live in the North Ward, you can’t have missed it!


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Statement on Council Tax

HRG protect services while keeping council tax rise to 12p per week – why it makes sense to restore the Town Council’s share of council tax.

The Town Council’s tax income for services has been cut every year in real terms since 2014. We are saying it should be restored to its original level to help make up for service cuts by the District and County councils. And remember this is only for the small part of council tax that goes to Henley Town Council: the increase is just 12 pence a week for a Band D household.

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Henley North Ward By-Election, 18th January 2018

Portait of Paula Isaac - HRG North Ward Candidate

HRG announces candidate for Henley North Ward

HRG Leader, Gill Dodds, announced today Paula Isaac has been nominated HRG’s candidate for the Town’s North Ward by-election on 18th January 2018.

Paula has lived in the North Ward of Henley for most of her life, and works at Badgemore Primary School. She has three children and is already very active in community work. Continue reading Henley North Ward By-Election, 18th January 2018

HRG Survey September and October 2017

Understanding residents’ views on expenditure priorities

At the beginning of September, Henley Residents Group surveyed[1] Henley residents for their view on priorities for grant funding by Henley Town Council. Over 120 residents[2] responded.
As Councillors Ian Reissmann and Jane Smewing said in their introduction to the survey “funding decisions made by Oxfordshire County Council (and other bodies) have meant some services for Henley Residents paid for by the County face being cut back” and they asked for views on how the Town Council how they should pay for the costs of these extra grants, if the Town Council decided to cover any deficiencies.

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