Gill Dodds

Gill Dodds – HRG Leader

I am third generation Henley.  I was educated locally, including attending Friar Park Convent.

After graduating from Leeds University, and working in London, I returned to Henley with my then husband, Kru, to live in the house built by my grandparents. Two children later, and after some  years living in Kuwait, we moved back to Henley.

In 1989, distressed at the state of the town which was becoming run down and a developer’s playground, we worked with other local residents, who shared our concerns, and Henley Residents Group was formed.  We put up 8 candidates for the Henley Town Council election.  All 8 candidates were successful and we took control of the town.  I am proud to say that HRG has controlled Henley Town Council for 22 of the last 27 years and we are proud of our achievements.