HRG and Crime – The Truth

Henley Police Station

The Conservative Candidate claims that HRG is “soft on crime”.



  • Policing of Henley is beyond the remit of the Town Council.


  • Last year the Conservative led SODC cut funding for special police officers (PCSOs) in Henley. Against Conservative opposition, HRG Councillors maintained the value of the precept (Henley share of council tax) partially in order to finance PCSOs for the town.


  • The local Conservatives have been running a petition for six months calling for “a fairer allocation of police resources for the Town” addressed to the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner. The commissioner, (who just happens to be a Conservative Councillor elsewhere), came to speak to the Town Councillors. He told the Council that Henley has its fair share of police resources.

Not one Conservative Councillor challenged him.

#WhyVoteHRG ?
  • You can rely on HRG to make responsible decisions.
  • We are in discussions with the police to ensure best use of available resources
  • We will continue to support the funding of PCSOs in Henley