Ian Reissmann

Ian Reissmann (North Ward)

I have lived in Henley for 30 years and I have supported HRG since its establishment in 1991 ensuring that Henley is run by residents for residents. I was first elected as a Town Cllr in May 2003 and was Town Mayor 2005-2006. I have taken an interest in a wide range issues from Transport, Sport and Recreation, Heritage, Environment and Sustainability. One of the earliest issues I was involved in was the fight to save the Henley Cricket ground, and I helped by proposing the grant and loan of £200k to ensure the ground was purchased and protected which I was delighted to sign off as Mayor. We have helped many other local sports organisations in similar ways which promote healthy and active lives for residents, especially young people.

I have led the fight to save and redevelop Townlands hospital by helping to establish and chairing the Townlands Steering Group. Eleven years on, this fight isn’t yet over and we need to be ever vigilant in ensuring we get the services we need delivered locally at Townlands.

For the last four years I have chaired the Finance, Strategy and Admin committee. In this role I have helped the council keep council tax rises below inflation, increase spending to improve the town while increasing our investments above inflation.

Being an active Cllr takes a great deal of energy, and unlike many Cllrs I combine this with a full time job as Director of a software development company. I believe that this gives me useful experience in the real world which is important when running a council.

As an independent I always act in the interests of residents as I am accountable only to them. I am proud to be a member of HRG which has a outstanding record of hard work in helping to keep Henley special.