Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas

Lived in Henley for 14 years,  son and daughter attend Gillotts and Trinity schools.  Works at Leander Club. Co-founded the ‘Keep Henley Active’ campaign to save the swimming pool at the LA Fitness site.

After a two-year battle leading Keep Henley Active, I became a candidate in the 2018 byelection. Although not elected, I have continued to work for Henley as part of HRG, who fully supported my campaign and myself as a resident wanting change.

Henley needs to be future-proofed and I would like to work with Town, District and County to ensure the residents of Henley have the right infrastructure and amenity for its growing population, otherwise, it won’t be too long before we are in trouble. We are already fighting against cuts to our services, our infrastructure and more. This cannot be allowed to go on or get worse.

I am also greatly concerned by the lack of funding for our only secondary school. As a town, I believe we should rally together to help.

My aims as Councillor are;

  • Provide more swimming facilities & options to learn – important in a riverside town.
  • Hold other authorities responsible for their actions that harm Henley.
  • Future-proof Henley for generations to come.
  • Protect our town and our heritage from greedy developers without Henley as their main priority.
  • Support Gillotts School in the campaign for due funding.