You want to be a Councillor?

I am thinking of becoming a candidate for Councillor… BUT


What would be expected of me?

As a Councillor you will be expected to attend the Full Council Meetings every six weeks.

As a Councillor you will be expected to attend meetings of the committees that you have volunteered for.

As a member of HRG you will also meet with other HRG Councillors and members occasionally.

HRG Councillors often have their own ideas and projects and are free to look for support from fellow Councillors and to use their position as Councillor to make things happen.

As a Councillor you will also have opportunities to represent the Town Council and support the many organisations in Henley.

What happens if I am away or sick?

Another Councillor can be asked to substitute for you, except for FCM. Otherwise you should send your apologies. During the summer there is a break from all committee work.

What qualifications do I need?

You need the enthusiasm and energy to make Henley a better place and the commitment and patience to see projects completed. There are also basic residence and character requirements laid down by electoral law. HRG Councillors have a variety of experience and backgrounds – but if you have any experience from life or work, it is certain to be of value to the very varied work of HTC.

Why do Councillors do it?

Everyone has their own reasons – but look at the comments of our Councillors:

  • You learn how the town really works and how to get things done.
  • You will meet many interesting people.
  • You will get a lot of satisfaction from helping to shape the Town.
  • And you will enjoy it!

I’m not sure – what should I do?

Contact any HRG Councillor directly or via the website. One of us will be very happy to discuss anything with you. Then come along to a meeting to see what happens.

Anything else I should know?

The Henley Residents Group is a diverse group of residents who socialise and get on together well. We do not debate national politics because the Group’s concern is only for what benefits Henley. That makes it easy to agree on new initiatives and deal with issues that arise.

We are very democratic and usually reach a consensus following round the table discussion. If a Councillor has a different view to the others, out of courtesy they will tell the others, and then they are free to vote as they wish.

We are free of any direction from above and we have no party whip.

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