Glen Lambert

Glen Lambert (South Ward)

Town Council Service 2017 – present

Committees & current positions held

Town and Community (Chair) & Recreation and Amenities

Previous positions held

Mayor of Henley 2018-2019


Glen has spent most of his life working in software and web development, IT consultancy and technical training. Although Glen grew up nearby in Ascot, he moved to Henley with his wife Anna to start their family. He believes that Henley punches well above its weight for such a small town and particularly likes there is always a festival, a show, a Royal Regatta, a play, a market or a fair going on somewhere – there is always something to look forward to in the Henley events calendar.

As a town councillor, Glen got to work straight away. He led the campaign to save Lovibonds Brewery and became Mayor just a year after being elected. That same year Glen also campaigned and successfully saved the Bluebells Day Centre from being lost after funding cuts. Now an independent charity, it is going strong. Most recently, Glen became Chair of the Town and Community committee.

Ask Glen

What is Town and Community responsible for, other than bins?

So many things! I encourage people to attend our meetings or watch on youtube to find out more. We are responsible for events, markets, signage, Christmas & May Fairs, Remembrance Day, street cleaning.

How does working full time affect your ability to be an effective councillor?

Working full time does not affect your ability to be a councillor but, as with a hobby or interest, it will happily accept as much extra time as you wish to give it. There is always something that could use more attention.

How did you find out about HRG and why did you get involved?

From the Henley Standard. I got involved because I thought it was wonderful that Henley had a strong, independent, group able to defend the town from the scourge of national party politics and offer voters a genuine choice that voters in other towns usually don’t have.