Is HRG a Political Party?


HRG is a registered political party


What does this mean?

  • Any HRG candidate can use the HRG logo against their name on a ballot paper.
  • HRG has a registered and approved constitution, officers responsible for the correct running of the party and its annual financial accounts are returned to the Commission.


So HRG is like any other political party?

  • NO – because our Councillors are independent – HRG has no party whip.
  • HRG Councillors discuss and develop agendas for the local government of the Town.
  • However, whilst Councillors are asked to support HRG’s Core Beliefs, when it comes to decision making, they are free to vote on their own convictions. They are expected to make their views known beforehand, out of respect to colleagues.
  • HRG is registered for elections in local government only, and does not participate in national elections or referenda.

Why is the logo important?

HRG is now a well-established and trusted Henley tradition and the logo demonstrates a recognisable allegiance with a proven track record.