What does Henley Town Council do?

What is Henley Town Council?

Henley Town Council (HTC) is Henley’s first tier of local government. It has the same limited powers and responsibilities as any parish council, but by virtue of its ownership of land, property and investments, Henley punches well above its weight.

The Town receives only 5% of the total Council Tax we pay, that is £1.79 per week for a band D household.

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Who is responsible for everything else?

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) and Thames Valley Police receive 95% of the council tax and are responsible for roads,  pavements and car parking, schools, social services, policing and much more.

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How does the Town Council work?

The day to day running of Town events and affairs is managed by the Town Clerk and other paid staff.  Major decisions on Henley issues are agreed by sixteen elected Councillors led by the mayor.

The Councillors are elected for a term of four years. The mayor is elected by the Councillors every May to serve a one-year term. Town Councillors receive no payment, except the Mayor who is allowed certain necessary expenses.


So how do things get done?

The bulk of the Councillors work is done by four committees covering different aspects of the life of the Town. Detailed decisions regarding new projects and arising issues are considered by one of:

  • Town and Community
  • Recreation and Amenities
  • Finance
  • Planning applications

The Council works on a six-week cycle during which time all committees meet once, except Planning which meets more frequently.

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A Full Council Meeting (FCM) is called at the end of the six-week cycle when all Councillors will accept (or return) the decisions of the committees. The mayor presides over the FCM and agreed actions are then passed on to the Town Hall Staff for action.

All meetings are recorded, and the details are available on-line.

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If you are interested in learning more about how it works, then go along to the meetings which are open to the public. Everyone may attend and at the start of each meeting time is allocated for you to address the Council and ask any question.


NOTE: if any link fails or for more detailed information, go to the  HTC Website