Welcome to Henley Residents Group (HRG) website.

HRG is an independent body, registered as a political party, but acting purely in the best interests of Henley.

In this website you will find information about:

  • How we represent Henley
  • What we stand for
  • Our achievements – current and past
  • Recent news
  • How you can support HRG

Currently, HRG Councillors have been elected and hold:

  • The Mayor of Henley
  • Twelve of the sixteen seats on the Henley Town Council
  • The three representatives for Henley on the South Oxfordshire District Council
  • The one representative for Henley on the Oxfordshire County Council
  • Latest News

    • Do you want to keep this footpath open?
      Henley Footpath No.33 Modification Order 2020 – Ref:03400 /consultation…  your view counts! HRG Councillor Michelle Thomas, together with the Henley Town Council, has valiantly pursued reinstating the footpath that once linked Newtown Road to Mill Lane. The path runs from A to B on the map […]
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