David Feary

David Feary (Treasurer)

I have lived and worked in Henley for more than thirty years. That is long enough to remember when the town was in relative decline with dangerous narrow pavements and when the town square would be deserted by Saturday lunchtime. Public money was spent bulldozing the public tennis courts to build an expensive pavilion for the bowls club.

The HRG was born from the attempt to demolish the Regal and further destroy the life of the town but the Group soon became a catalyst for many changes and improvements. We have gained much in all aspects of the town life through the effort of individual Councillors working together as a team. Henley now has an envied tradition of a town council independent of the swings of national politics.

Newcomers are attracted by our theatre, cinema, festivals, sports, restaurants and the many clubs and societies. What they may not immediately appreciate is the sense of community in the town. The HRG is a mainstay of much of the cultural and social life of Henley and I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute.