Two More Pedestrian Crossings Approved!!!

Swiss Farm and Gravel Hill, Henley


Today, Thursday 29th April, the OCC Cabinet Member for the Environment Yvonne Constance passed the Traffic regulation order to bring these two crossings into existence.

The Swiss farm consultation resulted in 126 people in favour of the crossing and 4 against. The Traffic surveys show that during a 12 hr period there were 3,624 cars and 452 pedestrians attempting to cross the road. This alone is an excellent reason for the crossing. On Swiss Farm there are 160 residents and 360 visitors per day, this means potentially 520 people may wish to cross the road to catch a bus or walk into Henley.

Local resident David Palmer who has been campaigning for this crossing for a number of years said “I am so pleased that at last, the crossing will happen. Thanks to Stefan for making it happen after years when previous councillors did nothing”,

The Gravel Hill crossing which is near Badgemore School and the Henley College was also approved by Cllr Constance. During the consultation 109 were for the crossing and 4 against. The Traffic study observed 1825 vehicle movements and 1500 pedestrians crossing the road during a 12 hour period. This again shows the need.

Mr Tim Hoskins, the headteacher of Badgemore School, spoke about the need for the crossing and said “Parents and students come to school at peak traffic time between 8 am and 9 am which is the busiest time to cross the road. Now they will not be dodging vehicles because they will have a proper place to cross.”

Cllr Stefan Gawrysiak said “I am very pleased that after all the hard work, all the design work that has gone into these crossings we can now get them done. I have always put pedestrian safety at the top of my agenda as a councillor.  Together with the Greys Road crossing, these three represent the first pedestrian crossings to be implemented for 50 years in Henley. I am ecstatic about completing them”.

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