How You Can Support HRG

You can support HRG actively in two ways – by becoming a friend of HRG or a member of HRG. We need people like you to join us – whether you are young or old – new to Henley or not – whatever party you support nationally. Follow us on social media for up to date alerts of news affecting Henley residents. (Twitter, Facebook and HRG Wikipaedia links)

FRIENDS OF HRG – by providing your contact details below, you will receive information about HRG’s activities, including:

  • Social events
  • Regular newsletters
  • Campaigns

At times of elections, you may receive a request to participate as a volunteer in the distribution of literature, and you may be asked to make a donation to support election campaign, if HRG require additional funds for this purpose.


MEMBERS OF HRG – If you care about keeping Henley special and improving it for future generations please join us as a member of HRG. We ask for an annual £15 donation which you can pay with a Credit/Debit Card online – please start by completing the form below.

If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please make it payable to ‘Henley Residents Group’ and send to: HRG Membership, Cornerstones, Walton Avenue, Henley RG9 1LA.