Glen Lambert – Candidate for Henley Town Council

Glen Lambert

Glen lives in Henley with his wife Anna and two children who both attended Valley Road and Gillotts schools. He is a Software Engineer and is the founder & chairman of the new Bluebells Day Centre for dementia sufferers and their carers. He lead the successful campaign to save the Lovibonds Brewery tasting room from demolition and redevelopment into luxury flats. Glen is also the current Mayor of Henley.

He says: Henley is a beautiful, vibrant and successful town but it is growing. Hundreds of new homes are being built around Henley and with an increasing population, we need to defend our Town Centre facilities and commercial sites so that small businesses have all the support and infrastructure they need and our residents can find employment opportunities locally.

My aims for the next 4 years are:

  • Ensure Henley has a strong local economy that supports new & existing businesses
  • Increase parking capacity and explore options for improving traffic flow
  • Support our Police and fund our PCSOs to keep our streets safe
  • Protect and promote our open & green spaces and woodlands
  • Push for new pedestrian crossings at Greys Road, Swiss Farm & Gravel Hill

I am standing with HRG because it is a strong, independent, team of people who are passionate about the town and are always willing to roll up their sleeves and get things done.

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