Ian Reissmann – Candidate for Henley Town Council

Ian Reissmann

Lived in Henley for over 30 years. Chair Townlands Steering group, Vice-chair of Finance committee, Chair Henley Residents Group, Mayor of Henley 2005/6. Town Councillor for 16 years.

I have supported HRG since its establishment in 1991 as I believe that Henley should be run by residents for residents, accountable only to residents.

Since first elected, I have taken an interest in a wide range of issues including transport, air pollution and sustainability, sport and recreation, heritage and the environment. I have enjoyed supporting local sports organisations to promote healthy and active lives for all residents, especially young people.

I led the fight to save and redevelop Townlands hospital by helping to establish the Townlands Steering Group which I have chaired since 2005. With the total support of all the community, the campaign succeeded and our brand new state of the art hospital re-opened in 2017 with an extended set of services.

Being an active councillor takes a great deal of energy, and I combine this with a full-time job as Director of a software development company which exports around the world. I believe that this gives me useful experience in the real world which is important when running a council.

My aims for the next 4 years are;

  • Continue to manage the Town Council’s finances prudently and responsibly.
  • Push for more services at Townlands.
  • Make Henley more sustainable and environmentally conscious.
  • Support Council staff in their roles for a more effective Henley Town Council.

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