Kellie Hinton – Candidate for District Council

Kellie Hinton

Born and educated in Henley. Lives with partner and daughter in Henley town centre. A recent former Mayor with 8 years town council experience and a national award for council achievements.

I am not interested in politics and for this reason, I have never put myself forward to stand for the district council. However, since I experienced being the Mayor of my hometown, I have seen how important it is for us to have a strong voice over at SODC. I want somewhere over there fighting for the things that I, and other residents, believe in and sometimes if you want something done properly, you have to put yourself forward! I am therefore very proud that HRG are supporting me as a candidate for the district council.

I am particularly interested in protecting, effectively managing, and upgrading our open and green spaces in and around Henley. We need to become more sustainable as town and as a district for future generations, tackling issues such as litter and street cleaning too. More needs to be done for our conservation and SODC need to take responsibility for this. We work hard to pick up services dropped by authorities such as SODC. It’s about time that the district started looking after Henley properly and with my HRG colleagues Stefan and Ken by my side, if elected, we will be the voice that Henley needs.

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