By-Election Result – January 2018

Henley Residents Group at Henley Town Hall

Last Thursday, 18th January 2018, there was a by-election in Henley North ward and the results were:

  • Donna Crook (Con)   577 votes
  • Paula Isaac (HRG)    484 votes
  • Jackie Walker (Lab)   131 votes

Henley’s two wards, North and South, are divided by Greys Road. The Town Hall being in Henley North.

If you live in the South Ward, you might have had little awareness of the by-election, if you live in the North Ward, you can’t have missed it!


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Statement on Council Tax

HRG protect services while keeping council tax rise to 12p per week – why it makes sense to restore the Town Council’s share of council tax.

The Town Council’s tax income for services has been cut every year in real terms since 2014. We are saying it should be restored to its original level to help make up for service cuts by the District and County councils. And remember this is only for the small part of council tax that goes to Henley Town Council: the increase is just 12 pence a week for a Band D household.

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