Our Candidates for Henley Town Council



Kellie Hinton

Kellie grew up in Henley and lives in the town centre with her family.

First elected to HTC in 2011 and Mayor 2017/18. Kellie’s indefatigable energy raised Henley-on-Bloom to a string of gold medals plus a silver award at the international level.

Kellie is passionate about conservation, sustainability and the management of our beautiful open and green spaces.

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Glen Lambert

Glen is a software engineer and is currently serving as our Mayor. He led the successful campaign to save Lovibonds brewery, worked the Kenton Theatre, HAODS and Henley Music School on multiple fund-raising events and re-established the Bluebells Day Centre for dementia sufferers and their carers as an independent, registered charity where he remains Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

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Sarah Miller

A life long resident with two girls at a local school.

Sarah is a Project Manager for the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) and has run the Henley Design Day for the last 7 years.  She brought the MayFayre back to life and back to the Town Square.  Sarah is truly committed to ensuring Henley remains a vibrant place for everybody, with a flourishing retail and business community and independent businesses.

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Ian Reissmann

A resident for over 30 years, and first elected to Henley Town Council in 2003.

Ian has chaired the Townlands Steering Group since 2004 which resulted in Townlands being saved and rebuilt.

He says: “I firmly believe that decisions about Henley should be made by independent Henley Residents. HRG’s record of working hard in the best interests of residents is excellent, and I’m proud to have helped contribute to keeping Henley special.

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Rob Romans

Rob’s family have roots in Henley, and he moved here 12 years ago. He is an HR professional specialising in global recruitment.

He has already proved himself as a member of the Henley Round Table, helping to organise popular local events such as the May Fayre, Fireworks and Santa Sleigh.

Rob is keen to on improving local transport and wants to see an enhanced train timetable.

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Michelle Thomas

Michelle has lived with her family in Henley for 14 years, has children at Trinity and Gillotts schools and works for the Leander Club.

She showed her commitment as co-founder of ‘Keep Henley Active’.

Michelle wants to future-proof Henley. “We have to work at all levels of local government to ensure the residents of Henley have the right infrastructure and amenities for its growing population”

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Ken Arlett

Ken was born and bred in Henley. It’s in his blood! A founder member of HRG.

Elected 1991 and first HRG Mayor of Henley. Re-elected 2017 and now Chair of both the Planning and the Neighbourhood Plan Committees.

He is intent on making sure we build no more than our housing quota, whilst providing affordable and social housing for our youngsters and key workers.

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Donna Crook

Donna has lived in Henley for over 25 years, runs her own online craft business, and has 3 grown-up children. She was first elected to the Council in 2018 and has proved to be hard working.

Three years ago she ran a successful campaign to save our bus service. She is active on the clean air campaign, upgrade of Freeman’s park and wants to see a ban on HGVs passing through Henley.

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Dave Eggleton

A Henley resident since birth, with high-visibility and lots of ideas. First elected in 2015.

Chair of Henley in Bloom. If snow needs clearing, traffic needs directing or someone has dumped rubbish illegally, Dave will sort it.

Dave says “If there is something that needs doing, I’ll try my hardest to get it done. I like working in a team to ensure our community is enjoyed by everyone”.

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Stefan Gawrysiak

One time deputy head of Gillotts, and resident for 30 years. Voted to HTC in 2011, SODC in 2015, OCC 2017.

Nobody works harder than Stefan. He became the first HRG Councillor for Henley at the County level. The extended eco-bus service, road repair programme, 20 mph zone, plus soon to arrive pedestrian crossings show his diligence and persistence. And that is in his first two years at OCC.

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John Hooper

John is a local businessman and is the fifth generation of his family in Henley. He is very active with youth football since 1976 and chairs Henley Town Football club.

John wants to focus on providing affordable housing, youth club facilities, and the well-being of our senior citizens. He also wants to clear up the air in the town and better manage our environment in and around the town.

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Paula Isaac

Paula has grown up in Henley, has three children in local schools and is a co-founder of Gainsborough Residents Association.

She completed her education at Henley college and has worked in local retail businesses and as a support teacher at a local primary school. Currently the manager of the over 60’s club.

As Councillor she wants to find ways of providing homes that people can afford so our children and key workers don’t have to leave town.

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