HRG Election Results

Last weeks Town Council and District elections turned out to be much more closely fought than those at national level, and HRG fought a very strong campaign with a fresh new team. Now that the dust has settled we’re very pleased to report that not only did we increase the number of HRG Councillors on the Town Council by two, but Stefan Gawrysiak was also elected as District Councillor.

We now have seven Town Councillors – Stefan Gawrysiak, Ian Reissmann, Kellie Hinton, David Eggleton, Sara Abey*, Sarah Miller and Jane Smewing. The details of the votes are here. Read more about Our Councillors.

And we’re delighted that in Stefan we shall have an active representative on SODC. In Stefan’s words “I’m hugely pleased to be elected. I will work extremely hard for the people of Henley and I’m really pleased that HRG got so many votes.” The details of the votes are here.

Although we are disappointed that we have not regained control of the Town Council, weincreased our representation within the council against a wave of national Conservative popularity. We have a strong and diverse team, and are already focussed on working together to improve the town, as HRG has always done. The fight goes on to achieve the best for Henley!

* Sara Abey defected to the Conservatives after 11 months. She chose not to stand again in the 2019 local elections and is no longer a Henley Town Councillor.


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