HRG statement on Townlands

The new hospital at Townlands is being built and will certainly open in the next 12 months with an excellent set of services which are so important to the community. This is a magnificent result and thanks to the community and the TSG which has been so effective in fighting this battle for over 10 years.

The Clinical Commissioning Group are going to launch a consultation on May 11th which will suggest an alternative set of services to the beds. This will include improved support for people to be cared for at home, and also greater availability for long term care for those who can’t go home.

The CCG say this will be better and GPs agree that this potentially may be a better service. The key point is making sure the support systems are in place, particularly the Adult Social care which is the responsibility of OCC.

We need to make sure their plans stack up and the people currently using the beds will be cared for safely and with dignity.

Until we get the facts, we’re not able to judge. The TSG are in close contact with the CCG and will be carefully scrutinising the proposals. The TSG have been working in this way very successfully since being set up by HRG cllrs in 2003.