HRG Election Results

Last weeks Town Council and District elections turned out to be much more closely fought than those at national level, and HRG fought a very strong campaign with a fresh new team. Now that the dust has settled we’re very pleased to report that not only did we increase the number of HRG Councillors on the Town Council by two, but Stefan Gawrysiak was also elected as District Councillor.

We now have seven Town Councillors – Stefan Gawrysiak, Ian Reissmann, Kellie Hinton, David Eggleton, Sara Abey, Sarah Miller and Jane Smewing. The details of the votes are here. Read more about Our Councillors.

And we’re delighted that in Stefan we shall have an active representative on SODC. In Stefan’s words “I’m hugely pleased to be elected. I will work extremely hard for the people of Henley and I’m really pleased that HRG got so many votes.” The details of the votes are here.

Although we are disappointed that we have not regained control of the Town Council, weincreased our representation within the council against a wave of national Conservative popularity. We have a strong and diverse team, and are already focussed on working together to improve the town, as HRG has always done. The fight goes on to achieve the best for Henley!

Townlands Status Report – Latest

Townlands report

Since the meeting on the 26th March the following have taken place:

1. Plans for the new model of care have been provided to the TSG and are on the TSG pages on the HTC website.

2. IR is in regular phone contact with Libby Furness who is leading the CCG project.

3. The subgroup (IR, PA, SG, DNS, SG) met with John Howell to plan the next steps

4. The TSB have agreed to hold a consultation on the proposals to move to a new model of service. This consultation was pressed for by the HOSC at OCC who are responsible for ensuring that changes to the services have undergone due process. This was inevitable given the nature of the proposed changes.

5. The critical factor is not the consultation itself, which was never in doubt, but the content when the documents are published on May 11/12.

6. IR has been invited to join the CCG project group as TSG rep. There have been two meetings so far: 18 April and 30th April. These have been attended by all the key players and are working in a focussed and cooperative way to ensure the new plan is developed successfully and the consultation is successful.

7. The TSG including John Howell met with Oxford Health CEO on 24th April. Also present COO Yvonne Taylor and Director of Older People’s Services Pete Magrane. CCG manager Libby Furness also attended.

8. The TSG including John Howell met with the Henley GPs on 30 April.

9. There was a Service Design workshop held on 1 May to allow all the key stakeholders to agree a plan for the new model of care. This will be reviewed by a wider group including GPs and Peter Ashby from the TSG on 7th May.

10. IR had a meeting with Corrine Yates (CCG comms director) and Julia Stackhouse (senior CCG comms manager) to review the engagement plan. This includes many planned meetings with interest groups in and around Henley. There is a plan for one large meeting, with capacity for a second if demand is sufficient. I think the overall plan is comprehensive – they CCG are making sure they are able to show this is a real consultation. They have also made clear that they remain open to new ideas and views of the community. This is no rubber stamping of a done deal.

11. Consultation will start on 11 May. The documents are mostly at final draft stage. I have seen some of these. These are:

1. Letter of intent based on the document signed by Andrew Burnett as sent to the TSG on 27 March
2. Summary of the assessment of key health needs (as issued to the TSG in March)
3. Full description of the new model
4. Costings
5. Summary of agency interworking
6. Case studies

12. The main document which presents the detailed services to be delivered at Townlands will be published on the 12 May.

13. The TSG should also meet as soon as possible in the course of the consultation. Provisional dates of 4 June and 11 June were discussed this morning.

This consultation is very important and we need to make sure we all consider carefully the papers when they come out and respond both as individuals and collectively. It’s important we wait to see exactly what the proposals are before we rush to judgement. The TSG and CCG (and others) have done a lot of talking over the last few weeks and the eventual proposals may be significantly different form the outline presented to the TSG and community on March 26 by the CCG.

Cllr Ian Reissmann

5 May 2015