Parking progress at hospital

To the Editor of the Henley Standard

Dear Sir

In August 2018 lay members of the Clinical Commissioning Group Stakeholder Group, including Townlands Steering Group (TSG) members, met with NHS Property Services (NHS PS). The objective was to discuss parking problems at Townlands, highlighted for months by the Henley Standard campaign “Not So Smart Parking”.

NHS PS agreed it was unacceptable and said a new nationwide contract was about to be issued, and the Smart Parking contract would be terminated. Smart Parking ceased issuing tickets at the site, solving the immediate problem of victimising bona fide patients.

TSG completely accepts the need to manage parking at the Townlands site. We offered to work with NHS PS and the new operator (when appointed) to ensure parking worked in the interests of patients, staff and residents. NHS PS was more than happy to agree to this offer.

Now we are assured that the appointment of the new operator is imminent and that we will be working with the new operator shortly on the new scheme.

The TSG has always taken the view that engaging with NHS organisations is the best way to maintain and improve services. The Henley Standard’s campaign was a big help in ensuring NHS PS understood and accepted there was a problem. We will continue to work with the various stakeholders to ensure a permanent solution to parking management at Townlands that safeguards the needs of patients, staff and residents.

Cllr Ian Reissmann

Chair Townlands Steering Group

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