Solar Streets for Henley!

Henley residents can now get affordable solar panels

Henley Town Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group has launched the first of its emissions reduction initiatives. Installing solar panels offers residents the opportunity to  “save the planet” and at the same time “save money” for themselves.

“Henley Solar Streets “is a scheme enabling residents to acquire affordable solar panels. Installing a 14 panel (4kW) installation costs around £4,000, with reduced prices for smaller installations. Additional accessories can be purchased – such as a battery to store solar electricity for use during night-time, as well as iBoost, enabling the solar electricity to be used to heat hot water during the daytime. Actual savings depend on the individual resident’s daytime consumption of electricity. Heating hot water, running domestic electric appliances during the daytime, and charging battery appliances (such as computers, electric bikes or electric cars) will all lead to higher consumption of solar electricity and hence higher savings for the resident concerned.

For residents wishing to find out more about “Henley Solar Streets” initiative, there are two launch events at 12.30 pm and 7.30 pm on 27th February in Henley Town Hall, where you will be able to ask your questions to members of the Working Group and IDDEA, the installers, that the working group is working with.

If you would like to attend, email to register your interest.

To learn more about the Council’s Working Group activities visit its Facebook page @CE2030WG.

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