We need your help to stop HGVs

Our Councillors are working to stop HGVs using our town as a “rat run”



The Henley Herald has kindly set up an online petition for the introduction of a 7.5-tonne weight limit for Henley to combat the huge 20-40 Tonne HVGs that use our town as a cut through to shorten their journey times (HGVs delivering or collecting within the town or a reasonable radius will not be affected).


The reasons for the campaign are:

  • Danger to pedestrians of 20-40 tonnes HGVs mounting our pavements to get round our ancient town.
  • Pollution and resulting poor air quality- which causes asthma and can cause premature death.
  • Damage to listed homes caused by vibration.
  • Noise / vibration caused by HGVs movements at all times of night (as well as day) disrupts residents’ sleep.
  • The increasing number of through HGVs using our town as a “rat run” is changing the town’s character making it is no longer a pleasant place to visit or live in. If people are deterred from coming to Henley- what will be the impact on the shops, restaurants, cafés, bars and other amenities within the town?


* HGVs that need access for delivery/ collection will be permitted.
* Mandate long-distance HGVs to stay on Strategic road Network where they belong!


You can help!

Please sign (and share) the online petition and ideally leave a comment:

The Petition can be found by:




Your voice will be heard

The final number of signatories of the petition and comments posted will be included within the formal submission document which HRG Cllr Stefan Gawrysiak and Amanda Chumas and others are compiling. Stefan will present this to OCC and ask them, as our relevant highway authority, to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order under S1(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Order Act 1984 to bring in the 7.5 Tonne Weight Limit. There is a statutory procedure that has to be followed, but when it is in force, this will be legally binding on the operators of through HGVs in excess of 7.5 tonnes.

In future, such HGVs will have to stick to the Strategic Road network (M4 M404, M40 and A34), which was designed and built to take them. If they do not, they will be liable to prosecution

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