Thank you Lorraine

To the Editor of the Henley Standard

Sir (if I may)

So Henley residents are to be deprived of the commitment and dedication of Councillor Lorraine Hillier, someone who has selflessly devoted herself to the town for nearly 20 years.

How come?  Well, the powers-that-be in Watlington have decided they won’t support her. Why Watlington?  That’s the Control Centre for Henley Conservatives, believe it or not.

Why?  Certainly not misogyny.

For standing up for herself and resisting bullying?  Maybe.  Strange…   Even stranger, since we all know that she is the current Chairman of SODC and Henley’s Tory electioneers boast of ‘having influence’ at District level.  Not any longer I suspect.

Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining and Lorraine is going to stand for election in Woodcote.  Now the electors of Woodcote, Nettlebed et environs are in for a treat.  They have a superb candidate to vote for at the local elections next month, someone who will serve them conscientiously, who, unusually for most Conservatives, has a track record of attending meetings, and who actually lives in the parish.

Fortunately for Henley residents, she will continue to run her Hot Gossip cafe – meeting place on Friday Street for Henley’s intelligentsia (and a few journalists I’m told).

Thank you, Lorraine, from those of us who care about Henley.

Best wishes

Dick Fletcher


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