Henley is a thriving town


Letter to the editor of the Henley Standard

Dear Sir

I have been on the Henley Town Council for 8 years, District Councillor for 4 and County Councillor for 2 years.

I believe it is an enormous privilege to serve Henley and also get things done. As a consequence, I work my socks off for Henley.

Henley is a thriving community with over 200 voluntary organisations, a thriving tourist centre and many major businesses based in the town, Invesco Perpetual being just one example. Contrary to what others may be saying, we have a thriving High Street which has bucked the national trend.

Having taught in Henley for 30 years, I love Henley because it is a place where I see so many people working together as a community.

Let us all be positive about Henley and its prospects and continue to work together to make Henley even better.


Stefan Gawrysiak

Town, District and County Councillor.

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