Jammy Dodgers

Letter to the editor of the Henley Standard


Apologies for banging on about Henley Conservatives (sorry, more correctly, their superiors, Watlington Conservative HQ), but they really do take the biscuit – jammy dodgers most likely.

Recent ‘promises’ (if elected) include the “transformation” of parking in Henley, but they don’t tell you that most of the parking is under the control of SODC. It could have been transformed by SODC Conservatives anytime in the last 20 years – fat chance with all the income it generates for SODC, and not a penny of it spent in Henley.

Henley Conservatives also want to re-introduce weekly bin collections – another sole SODC responsibility. Unsurprisingly, they don’t tell you Council Tax would have to double AND the Conservative Leader of SODC Jane Murphy, has already said it isn’t going to happen. What planet are they from ?

And Ian Clark, Conservative candidate, wants to increase pollution by re-introducing two-way traffic in Market Place. That’s a really good way of making us ill, and killing trade for the likes of Cafe Copia, The Square, Starbucks, and Patisserie Valerie.

They’re clearly out of touch – strong believers in the old adage “you can fool a lot of the people some of the time……”

Best wishes,

Dick Fletcher

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