HRG Candidates ALL live in Henley


To the Editor of the Henley Standard


Thank you for having published the list of candidates for election to Henley Town Council.
I see that Conservative Headquarters in Watlington has a number of innovative surprises for the residents of Henley-on-Thames.

Not only have they alienated the chairman of South Oxfordshire District Council (and, presumably many of her supporters), but they are having to parachute in 3 candidates who are not residents of Henley but live from as far afield as Wokingham & Lower Earley in Berkshire and from Hambleden in Buckinghamshire.

Furthermore, it seems they plan to construct almshouses in the town – almshouses in this day and age?  I thought those went out in the last century.

Meanwhile, it is worth reminding your readers of the benefits of electing local residents with local contacts and local knowledge.

Since Stefan Gawrysiak was elected to SODC 4 years ago, he has succeeded in getting, inter alia, £100,000 in the budget for air quality, £150,000 to refurbish Gillotts leisure centre, 1,000 potholes filled, 3 major road repairs with 3 new pedestrian crossings in the pipeline.

Yours faithfully

Dick Fletcher



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