We Need Pedestrian Crossings!

To the Editor of the Henley Standard

Dear Sir

As a long-standing resident of Gainsborough Estate, I am very aware of the amount of traffic that uses Greys Road, often travelling at some speed.

As a result, I am very concerned about the safety of pedestrians of all ages that use and have to cross Greys Road. At long last, a pedestrian crossing has been proposed by Henley Town Council for Greys Road, which is planned to be in the vicinity of Takhar Stores.

This crossing will improve the safety of all and will be of great benefit to the parents and children of Sacred Heart school and the residents of The Close and Gainsborough Estate.

It is also noted that crossings at Swiss Farm and Gravel Hill are also planned.

It is essential we have these implemented very soon.

Yours faithfully

Rob Romans

HRG Candidate for Henley Town Council (South Ward)

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