HRG Open meeting – what do HRG residents want?

Letter to the Henley Standard

As Thomas Octavius notes in his diary on 19 Oct 2018,HRG hosted an open meeting for residents to discuss what we’d like to see in the future for Henley. We wanted to hear as many different residents give their points of view to help us understand what residents like and want to see more of, as well as telling us what they don’t want. 

This wasn’t a political meeting and many interesting subjects were raised, including the green agenda, pollution, traffic and parking, economic regeneration, tourism, leisure facilities, open spaces, support for youth plus others. 

As ever HRG welcomes all points of view, and we’ll be continuing to listen to as many residents as we can. As Thomas Octavius also noted we welcomed Conservative and Labour members as well as HRG (and probably others too). We welcome views from anyone who cares about Henley and we don’t worry about any national political views they may have as we believe that’s not relevant at town level. 

We will be holding another open event. Once again all residents are welcome to come and give us their views. We can also be contacted on facebook, twitter, instagram, email and at Please tell us what you think.


Cllr Ian Reissmann 
Cllr Sarah Miller