Improvements to Northfield End Triangle Complete



Improvements to and protection of one of the oldest and most beautiful corners of Henley are finally complete!

Henley Parks Services and local residents have cooperated to restore the York Stone and to plant and landscape a plot of land in Northfield End.

The land had been the subject of a long-running dispute but is now confirmed as public land.

Back in 1993, the status of the A423 through Henley was downgraded and the County Council decided that several plots of land were privately owned rather than part of the highway that must be used for the benefit of the public. A few years ago, a developer tried to turn the land into 11 parking spaces and sell them for £40,000 each. Local residents contested the decision and Cllr Ian Reissman succeeded in getting Henley Town Council to exercise its rights to prevent the County Council from allowing the developer to sell off the plots but to retain the land as public highway.

After acquiring the Green Triangle, Henley Town Council put £10,000 into the budget to fund improvements to the area which had become neglected. There are now five parking places reserved for residents and the “Green Triangle” is jointly maintained by the Henley Town Council Parks Service and local residents led by Helen Gaynor. The whole site has been restored to attractive grass and garden that both residents and visitors can enjoy.
Cllr Reissmann commented: “Protecting Henley’s heritage and making sure that public assets are retained for the benefit of all is important. This is an excellent example of the Town Council working together with the community to preserve and improve our Town”.

Photo at top: left to right: John (Resident), Sandie Harrow (Resident), Pauline (resident), Cllr Sarah Miller (Chair Town and Community Committee), Cllr Ian Reissmann (Chair Finance, Strategy, and Management), Karl Bishop (Manager Parks Service). Kyle Dowling (Assistant Manager Parks Service). Helen Gaynor and Ollie Weait could not be present and Helen Barnett (Town and Community Manager) took the original picture.











Above: Cllr Sarah Miller (HRG)  –  The York Stone Paving  –  Cllr Ian Reissmann (HRG)



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