Memorial Benches in the Cemetery ARE Allowed

Contrary to recent reports, Henley Town Council still does allow memorial benches in the Fairmile cemetery.

Many residents have been upset at the story in last week’s Henley Std: “Council Ban on Cemetery Seats”.

However, the council has made clear:

  • Benches are still allowed
  • No benches have been removed
  • Families who have benches are all being contacted by Town Council officers
  • After discussions with families, benches that are unsafe or in an inappropriate place will need to be moved

The Town Council will work with all families sympathetically and sensitively to make sure that those families with loved ones buried in the cemetery are able to remember their loved ones in the way they wish.

The Town Council have made clear they are working hard to make sure that all families are contacted and to work with them on keeping the cemetery safe.

It’s a great shame the bereaved have been unnecessarily concerned and let’s hope that the message from the Town Council helps reassures all families with concerns about the cemetery.

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