Yet more roads repaired!


On Monday and Tuesday of this week St Andrews Rd and Church Road were planed and resurfaced. I think you will agree that Skanska and OCC have done a fantastic job. Both roads were in a shocking state and needed doing.


Henley’s HRG Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said “In previous years Henley suffered from neglect and a shocking backlog of road maintenance. When I was elected in 2015 I drove around the whole of Henley and noted which roads were in poor condition and then set to work to get them done.

Gravel Hill, Kings Rd, Harpsden Rd, and others have already been completed. Critical work outstanding and already in the system is for New Street,  Bell Street, and St Mary’s Close.

Henley now has had a record investment over the past 3 years”.

We can all see the quality of the new surfacing, but why is it not complete?


Despite all the closure warning signs, two cars were left parked in the road overnight, and the new surface went down around them. As I am sure Stefan would tell you, however much hard work and planning goes into a task, someone will throw in a spanner!



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