Sports facilities for the future

To the Editor of the Henley Standard

Dear Sir

Having been born and brought up in Henley, I am well aware of the wonderful sporting facilities that we have in the town. For example, there are two separate football clubs in Henley – Henley Town and Henley AFC for the under 18. I am Chair of the Henley Town football club. At a time when mental health is a regular news story, I am a firm believer that exercise improves both physical and mental health.

I have lived in Henley all my life and have dedicated my energy to expanding sporting facilities in the town. I believe we should work towards further increasing these facilities for all sports for people that want to play them either competitively or just for the social buzz and well-being that sport can bring.

It is now time to look at all the sporting offers in Henley to find out what they need so that we can future proof them. This is especially the case when we are talking about new housing projects which could further increase our population especially if they involve (as they must) more social and affordable rental homes in Henley.

Yours sincerely,

John Hooper

Prospective HRG Candidate for Henley Town Council

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