Protect funding of Henley schools

To the Editor of the Henley Standard

Dear Editor

Like other parents with children in Henley schools, we are most concerned about the continuing funding cuts in all of our Henley schools.

We are told that Gillotts is facing a funding shortage of £160,000 this year because of capital funding cuts, the new pay structure for support staff (introduced in 2019) and the increase in staff pension contributions.

In addition, the funding for schools per pupil has not kept pace with the increase in school numbers and inflation, keeping funding per pupil the same as in 2012.

Our state-funded primary schools – Trinity, Sacred Heart, Valley Road and Badgemore – are facing a budget shortfall of £100,000 collectively for the current year, with continued financial uncertainty in future years.

Henley schools are facing an unsustainable shortfall in funding which will affect the quality of our children’s education.

We call upon John Howell to get fair funding for Henley’s school children.

Yours faithfully

Michelle Thomas, prospective candidate Henley Town Council (HRG)

Sarah Miller, sitting member and prospective candidate Henley Town Council (HRG)


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