Henley’s colourful centrepiece


To the Editor of the Henley Standard

Dear Editor,

One of Henley’s great strengths is its Marketplace. The regular markets are a backbone, encouraging residents and visitors to come to our town centre.

But the Marketplace’s real colour comes to the fore when special events are held there and in surrounding venues.

The recent Homes and Gardens event, extremely well organised by Nikki Shaffer, was a crowd puller to the Marketplace, and it was good to see other venues being used as part of the event, including the Over 60s club and the Town Hall.

But it is not the only one to bring that colour to life. Coming up are RIBA’s Design Day, and the May Fayre, both organised by Sarah Miller, and the Food Festival, organised by Philippa Ratcliffe.

These events are special to Henley – unmatched anywhere else in the Thames Valley.

Well done to all concerned.

Yours sincerely,

Gill Dodds

Leader, Henley Residents Group

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