Thank you Jane Smewing!


To the Editor of the Henley Standard

Dear Sir

I would like to thank Jane Smewing publicly for the excellent hard work she has shown as a Councillor over the last four years.

Jane possibly has the lowest profile of all our Town Councillors but she has made a highly significant contribution particularly to the work of the Finance Committee since being elected chair two years ago.

The position has a challenging brief requiring a detailed, conscientious mind plus a range of skills and knowledge. Jane quickly demonstrated her ability, apparently effortlessly, but as a direct result of her careful preparation which has been her hallmark. She earned the respect of officers by listening to them carefully, and by her competence and even-handedness.

Responsible for the Town Council budget, Jane exercised a perfect balance between making sure HTC increased and improved services, while keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line. As a result, Jane has restored HTC’s sound finances with a small but sustainable deficit.

She is now stepping down as Councillor, and I and her colleagues wish her well in the next stage of her busy retirement.

I know that all sides of the Council will miss her.

Yours faithfully

David Feary

HRG Treasurer

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