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To the editor of the Henley Standard


HRG – Working hard and delivering on our promises

The election campaign for the Town and District council elections is now over. HRG candidates have been knocking on doors and discussing local issues with voters for the last few weeks. We have been heartened by the positive response. It is encouraging to find that so many of you appreciate having Councillors who are not influenced by national politics, and we have had many excellent discussions on what matters to residents.

Four years ago we made ten election promises to the Town and we have achieved eight of these, and we have done a lot more besides. (Check for details).

We have a clear and ambitious plan for the next four years. We will be working hard to deliver on our promises as we have done for the last four years.

When a Henley resident votes, a key thought in their mind should be “who will deliver?” because that is what matters.

I would like to thank everyone who puts their trust in HRG. We won’t let you down.

Cllr Ian Reissmann

Chair HRG

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