Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

Sarah has lived in Henley for all her life. She went to Rupert House and Harpsden Parochial school and then to Gillotts.  After which she studied in Henley and London.   Her own children attend a local primary school and her brother runs one of Henley’s busiest pubs. She has spent her career working in PR & Publishing. Straight from college, Sarah worked for her father in the PR department of a local technical advertising agency. She then moved to London where she worked in a PR agency in Fleet Street.

On her return to Henley Sarah set up Voices Ltd in the mid 90’s. With offices in Bell Street, she promoted local musicians and bands.

Sarah then moved into publishing and events management. She has spent over 20 years working in the publishing industry for an international multi-media publishing house. During this time she worked on the very successful Admap magazine; managing the Advertising Sales Team followed by over 10+ years producing, marketing and managing Advertising, Marketing and Research conferences in the UK and abroad.

Sarah now project manages events for the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA), producing CPD events for their members in the South and South East. It was here that she launched the Henley Design Day in 2013, a new annual event in the RIBA calendar. Its aim is to provide a forum for local Henley architects and designers to meet directly with large numbers of local visitors and obtain business. These events have been rolled out at other locations in the South East.

In 2017 Sarah initiated the May Fayre move back into the Market Place where it originally took place. The aim was to enable local businesses in the town to both participate in and benefit from the day. It proved to be a winning decision with nearly all the restaurants and coffee shops full to capacity on the day.

Henley runs through Sarah’s veins. She is passionate about the town and actively supports all the wonderful festivals and local events that take place.

As a lifelong Henley resident, Sarah is committed to ensuring that Henley remains a safe and vibrant place for everybody, with a flourishing retail and business community. She is particularly keen to encourage the success of Henley’s independent business’ as this is the lifeblood of the towns economic future.