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Ken Arlett - Henley Residents Group Town Councillor

Ken Arlett

Elected 1991 and first HRG Mayor of Henley. Re-elected 2017 and now Chairman of Planning and Neighbourhood Plan Committees. Making sure we only build our housing quota, whilst building more Affordable Homes.

Involved with the rebuilding of the sports complex for Henley Hockey Club and AFC Henley

Ken says: “Why be a Councillor? Enjoyment!! Especially when something successful is completed. It is like joining any organisation, you normally become a member because you want to help out, and hope you can make a difference”.

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Donna Crook

First elected in 2018.

Donna has lived in Henley since 1994, has three grown-up children and runs her own crafts business locally.



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Dave Eggleton

Elected 2015. Got a problem? Snowed up shops; hole in the road; terrorised by rats? Dave has the answer! Highly visible in his yellow jacket and the Henley Standard.

Dave says: “As a born and bred Henley resident, ask me about any aspect of the town and I will give you a very full answer.”  (Test him)


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Stefan Gawrysiak

First Elected to the Town Council in 2011; elected to District Council in 2015, and first HRG Councillor to be elected as Henley’s representative on Oxfordshire County Council in 2017. Stefan is a tireless worker on many aspects of Henley life, he means what he says and gets things done.

Stefan says: I’m working my socks off to improve roads and traffic in Henley.”

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Kellie Hinton

Elected 2011 and our youngest mayor ever in 2017-18. Winner of NALC Young Councillor of the Year Award. Raised the Henley-in-Bloom project to international level and won a silver medal for Henley

Kellie says: “I am proud to be HRG, roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty working for the good of the town. Henley is special but it won’t be if it is left in the hands of a national party where our residents don’t have priority.”

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John Hooper

Elected in 2019

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Paula Issacs

Elected 2019


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Glen Lambert

Elected in 2017. A family man with a full-time job and an extremely dedicated Mayor 2018-19. He lead the successful campaign to save Lovibonds brewery from demolition, raised thousands of pounds for local charities with fund-raising events at the Kenton Theatre & HAODS Studio and has just re-established the Bluebells Day Centre as a registered charity for dementia sufferers and their carers.

Glen says: “I have never felt so well-informed as I do now. I like being a Councillor because I enjoy helping to shape the town. I get to express my opinions and vote in the meetings where all the decisions are made. I like listening to the opinions of others and learning more about our town, the issues we have, and the solutions proposed”.

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Sarah Miller

Elected 2015. Immediately set to work to restore the May Fayre to the centre of the town with outstanding success. Sarah also helped kick-start the Henley Refill campaign, has established the Henley Design Day, now in its 7th year and has very recently brought a classical music concert to the Kenton Theatre.

Sarah says: “I really enjoy the interaction with the Henley folk and seeing things done for the good of the Town.  It’s no use being a Town Councillor and not getting your hands dirty “.

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Ian Reissmann

First elected in 2003. Mayor 2005-06. Ian has lead the Townlands steering committee since 2004,  and is the Cllr most responsible for saving Townlands from closure and securing the redevelopment. Townlands reopened in 2016.

Ian says: “I like to put something back into Henley. I complain when I think things are not right, so I feel I have help to find a solution. It can be frustrating, but things can be changed. That’s the reward. When I stop enjoying it, I will stop doing it”.

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Rob Romans

First elected in 2019

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Michelle Thomas

First elected in 2019

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