Rob Romans candidate

Rob Romans (South Ward)

Lived in Henley for 12 years with family links to the town since the 1940s. Works as an HR professional who specialises in global Recruitment.

I have previously been involved in community groups such as the Round Table, which for many years organised events such as the Santa Sleigh and the May Fair. Since living in Henley and witnessing what a special town it is, I have wanted to become more involved in the community.

I joined Henley Residents Group because they stand for everything I believe in, particularly keeping national party politics out of town and parish councils. I am proud to be standing as a candidate and hope to be elected so that I can help HRG build on their already impressive history.

I am a regular user of our local branch line and I have a natural interest in our public transport services, particularly our trains.

My aims as Councillor are:

  • Make sure Henley has good public transport options in and out of the town.
  • Protect our local architecture and buildings.
  • Push for better services locally, particularly Mental Health services.
  • Help our town centre to thrive with High Street-boosting initiatives.