HRG launch their manifesto

Twenty-eight years since first standing for election, Henley Residents Group has announced its manifesto for the 2019 District and Town elections being held on May 2nd.

HRG will continue to pursue policies to improve roads, traffic and parking; the local economy; the community; and a sustainable environment. HRG will promote policies at Town and District which provide truly affordable housing together with the supporting infrastructure.

In addition, HRG will continue to support the many local organisations such as sports and recreation. These policies support HRG’s long-standing objective to “enhance the quality of life and well being of Henley residents and strengthen our local economy and community”.

In all, the HRG is fielding 12 candidates in the Henley Town election, 8 of whom are existing councillors and 4 are new candidates, as well as 3 very experienced Councillors in the District Council election.

Gill Dodds, HRG’s leader said “I believe our candidates represent a very strong team, offering people with both experience and with new ideas. It is the ideal mix for a group that is independent of national politics. I am sure our new Councillors will continue HRG’s long-standing tradition of serving the interests of Henley in the best possible way as independent councillors accountable only to the residents of Henley”.

HRG first stood in local elections in 1991, gaining control of Henley Town Council, and since then has had a majority for 22 of those years. Currently, 9 out of 16 councillors are HRG members.

HRG is a diverse group of Henley Residents whose membership is open to all who care about Henley.

Cllr Ian Reissmann

Chair of Henley Residents Group

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